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Related post: Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:28:05 EST From: Subject: Pablo's Story part 7This is a homosexual fantasy and as such will contain unprotected sex, which, in this day and age is unwise to say the least; but it is a fantasy. If it is illegal for you to read such material, for any reason, please leave now. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed me regarding this and my other _www.nifty.org_ ( stories. Feedback from readers is heart-warming, and encourages me to write more, thanks. On Thursday as I made my way to the kitchen for lunch I heard my Mother take a phone call underage girl sex in her sitting room, the door was ajar. I paused behind the door to listen underage pron underaged naked girl when I heard her say: "Good afternoon Mr. Cohen, it's a pleasure to hear from you. I was actually hoping to hear from you yesterday." Pause. "Of course I'm pleased that Paul's suit is ready, but it is impossible for me to bring underage twins porn him to the shop tomorrow underage gallery at eleven for a fitting. I know I told you he has no lessons tomorrow, but I have a prior engagement at ten-thirty that will last until at least four. That is why I was hoping the suit would be ready for fitting by today." Pause. "Next Monday is no good either if there's a major problem with the suit. It' s his birthday hardcore underaged on Tuesday and on Wednesday he's being taken topless underage to my cousin's in B*****. I don't know what to suggest." Pause. "No, no, I couldn't possibly let him come underaged videos on his own; he's too young and far too impressionable." Pause. "Well, my youngest daughter Rose usually goes into the city shopping on Fridays, hold on while I ask her." I heard my underage cocksuckers Mother put the phone down, I peeked through the crack in the door and saw her go over and open the French windows. She called out masha underagehome to my sister who was sat reading in the garden; I couldn't hear their conversation. But I did notice xxx underage defloration that Consuela was cleaning the room. My Mother returned and picked up the phone. "Mr. underaged 3d porn Cohen? Rose is going into the city on Friday as usual so our problem nude underage dominican is solved; she has agreed to bring him to the shop. I've told her to stay in the shop with him until you have finished, then she can take him with her to do her shopping." Pause. "He's a underaged hairy good boy I suppose, but I've found it rather a burden having him so late in life after my girls. Yes, he'll be at the school for a year and then, if he passes the exams, which we fully expect him to, he'll go free underage photo back to England. No, we won't really miss him, I hardly see him now as it is, he enjoys his own company too much." Pause. "And japanese underaged girls Good Afternoon to you too Mr. Cohen." I went into the kitchen heavy hearted, I hadn't realised just how indifferent my family were to me, and no one had told me that I was leaving next Wednesday yet. While I was eating lunch Consuela came past and ruffled my hair as she bent and whispered: "My Leonel will love you, he underage porn thumbs loves little boys." Then she was gone, I didn't understand, Consuela had said "will love" not " would love" like she usually did. That was soon forgotten when I thought of seeing Jomo again, I wondered what would happen this time. Even though I'd got nothing up my bum the memory of my cock down Jomo's throat gave me a hard on, but I'd got the Speedos on so it wouldn't show. I'd got 15 minutes to go before afternoon lessons and I was just going to have a word with Rose, the most approachable of my sisters, when Mother came into the kitchen to tell me what I'd just overheard, adding that I was to do whatever Rose or Mr. Cohen told me to do. When she'd finished I told her OK and asked if I could have a suitcase to pack my things in. She told me she'd tell one of the maids to leave one outside my room. Friday morning I took great care in cleaning myself out; I wanted to be prepared for anything. I had a raging hard-on so I took a cold shower to underage naked nudists try and reduce my ardour. I was desperate to have a wank; I purposely hadn't cum since early yesterday afternoon. But I wanted to show off and be able to cum loads at Mr. Cohen's, if I got the chance, nude underage prepubescent so I didn't want to waste my spunk on the bathroom tiles. When I'd towelled myself little teen underage dry I went into my bedroom to dress, my stiff cock leading the way. I picked up the Speedos and sniffed them inside the crotch; they elweb bbs underage gave of a strong underage pedo nudes aroma of boy juices. I'd been wearing them instead of my loincloth every day. I pulled on a pair of boxers over them and then a pair of cotton trousers and a cotton shirt. I remembered to put on socks, naked underage slut I could only find a pair of white ones that were big enough, and a pair of proper shoes for the fitting, the shoes pinched a little but I'd manage. While I was having breakfast I heard Mother talking john crowley underage to Rose at the front door, even though Rose illegal underage ru was 22 Mother kept a tight rein on her. She was telling her to make sure I did as I was told, and that underaged girls raped she realised we'd be a little late getting back because of the fitting, so we we're to have lunch in town. When I'd finished my meal I went to look underage models pic for Rose, she was in Mother's sitting room. She looked up as I entered. "Are you ready Paul?" "Yes Rose." "Good, the car's waiting we'll set off." As usual Tomas was the driver, he wasn't as friendly as usual, and from the way he kept coughing and sneezing I presumed he was coming down with a cold or vombat underage teen underage pic something. On the way Rose asked me if it was really necessary for her to remain in the shop for the fitting as she had something important to do. I could hardly contain my excitement, I'd be alone hot underage chicks with Jomo, and probably Mr. Cohen from the looks they'd given each other after my fitting. I didn't particularly fancy Mr. Cohen, but I fancied what was between his legs, and I wanted to try sex with a much older man to see what it was lily underage model like. Jomo was 22 that was only 7 years older than me. I'd guessed for some time that Rose used the shopping trips as an excuse to see a man, she was always happier when she returned home. Trying hard to hide my excitement I told her it was fine by me. When we got to the shop just before eleven she underage fucking bitches told Mr. Cohen that underaged lesbians pics she had an errand to do and would he mind if she left me on my own. Mr. Cohen's eyes lit up and he hurriedly said it would be all right. Rose told him she'd be back for me at two, my eyes lit up, three hours on my own with other males! She reminded me to be a good boy and do everything Mr illegal underage tgp Cohen told me to do, and then she left. My cock was rock hard and hentai underage girls straining against my Speedos and I was oozing precum as Mr. Cohen turned and beamed down at me. "Come on then Master Paul let's get the fitting done," he paused and winked suggestively, "and then we can have some fun if you like." "Oh yes please no underage bbs Mr Cohen." I replied eagerly, my voice all sing-song like. "I 'd love to have some fun." He put his hand out, I took it and he led me through the shop, we went up some stairs and Mr. Cohen opened the door to what turned out to be a workroom and ushered me inside. underage kdz porn nonude pedo underage I looked around; it was another large room, there was a clear area to one side with an empty table and a low 2 foot bbs yound underage square stool in front of it, the two walls were all mirrored. Facing the door were five pairs of tables with sewing machines on them, and eight men of various ages and colours sewing away with different materials. They japan underage sluts were all wearing short cotton smocks and baggy cotton trousers. Beyond them almost underage pussy was a wall with several doors. As we stood in the doorway they all looked up at me, I stood as tall and as straight as I could and smiled at them nodding good morning, they all smiled and nodded back. Mr Cohen tutted loudly and clapped his hands. "Come on now, just because there's a pretty young boy in the room don't let that stop you working." He turned back toward me. "What underwear are you wearing Paul?" "I've got a pair of boxers on and the Speedos on underneath Mr Cohen." I'd noticed he'd stopped calling me Master and his tone had become more commandeering, he was taking charge and I liked the idea. "Mr. underage rape galleries Cohen's too long hand job underage winded Paul, you may call me Sir instead. Now I want you to go and stand on that stool and strip down to your Speedos, you can drop free underage erotica your clothes on the floor, but leave your shoes by you on the stool for the fitting. Oh, you can leave your socks on." Mr Cohen went through a door were the mirrors ended and I went over and stood on naked underage prostitutes the stool. I could sense all the men in the room were watching me underage non model as I slowly stripped off, so when I bent over to remove my shoes I gave them a good view of my pert young bottom. Then I was naked but for my Speedos, I thrust my hips forwards showing them my bulging packet, then I turned around fashion underage nude slowly so they could see my bubble-butt again. A low murmur of approval hummed through the room. I was just about to grope myself for the means' benefit when Mr. Cohen came back, he'd changed into the same sort of outfit as the others, but I think his was made of silk. He was accompanied by another man dressed like the others; he was stocky, about 5ft 8 tall and probably 30 or so. He was mixed race and quite handsome, his skin was toffee coloured and he had golden-ginger, crinkly hair that was cropped short. He was carrying some clothes over his arm which he placed on the table. Then he walked over to me and I noticed that his eyes were underage sodomy cornflower blue. I couldn't help staring at him, I'd never seen a coloured person with blue eyes before. (If any of you watch football/soccer, apart from his hair, he looked just like Wes Brown who plays for Manchester United.) Mr. Cohen must have noticed me staring. "This is Marcel Paul, he's my number one tailor and will be doing any necessary alterations. His father worked for mine, and he came over from France with me and my underage pics model Parents and he married a local girl, Marcel is the result." We shook hands and said hello, Marcel held onto my hand as he looked me up and down. I threw my shoulders back and stood as tall as I could. Marcel licked his lips as he stared at my crotch so I twitched my cock for him. I was getting so turned on by all these men staring at my little boy's body I thought I 'd cum if dee desi underaged anyone touched my aching cock. I must have really turned Marcel on because I saw his trousers tent as his cock uncensored videos underage stiffened beneath them. How long is his cock I wondered? "Let go of his hand Marcel, you've got a job to do." Reluctantly Marcel dropped my hand and went over to the table for the clothes. In what seemed like seconds Marcel and Mr. Cohen had dressed me in a beautiful tight fitting grey suit, a white silk shirt and a grey silk tie. Marcel took my feet one by one caressing them before he forced them into my shoes. "Well!" Mr. Cohen said as he stood back to admire me. "Well, you'd be a proper little gentleman asian underage porno if you had a decent haircut. Look at yourself in the mirror young man." I pirouetted on the stool and looked at my reflection, I looked great, the suit was superbly cut. underage adult comics The workers all clapped and one or two wolf-whistled, I lapped it up. "It's a wonderful suit Sir, thank you." "No problem Paul; now we'll pin in the alterations." They quickly pinned in what few underground underage hardcore alterations columba underage that were necessary, and as they worked tiny underage masterbation even I could tell they were expert tailors. Then they undressed me and in minutes I was again stood in my Speedos and white socks. Marcel went over to a spare table and began working on my suit. Mr. Cohen offered me his hand and I stepped down from the stool. My cock had softened slightly while I was being fitted. "Come on then young man, we'll go and have some fun now video underage free if you still want to. And would you like Marcel to join us later?" My mouth went dry and I began to tremble with excitement as I answered. "Yes please Sir." "Are you all right Paul? You're trembling." "I'm just so excited Sir." I managed to gulp out. Mr. Cohen kept hold of my hand as he took me through the door he and Marcel had emerged from. We entered a smallish square room that contained a long, leather covered table with metal contraptions at one end that had leather pads on their ends. There real underage were a couple of low benches against one underage link nude wall and two chairs and a leather sofa against another wall. Along the third wall was a long cupboard. Standing by the table smiling broadly and totally underage nudists boys naked was Jomo. As I said Jomo was real underage samples 5ft 10, naked his coal-black body gleamed in the light showing boys underage pics off every muscle of his lean, underage sex asia rangy body, not body-builder muscles, just muscles. His body was totally hairless, and he must have used oil because his whole preeteen underage nude body gleamed. I dropped my eyes to his crotch; his stiff coal-black cock was pointing towards my face. It was cut, 7 inches long art underage with a slight mushroom shaped deep purple knob. It wasn't as thick as mine, but his hairless ball sac hung further down than mine, his balls underage sucking boys were slightly smaller than mine. He looked beautiful. "Hello Jomo." I squeaked. He didn't nonnaked underage girls answer he just opened his arms wide. I ran over and we embraced kissing each other passionately; my cock going rock hard, and Jomo's, trapped between our bodies, was throbbing anal sex underage hard against my chest. While we snogged, tongues fighting, I felt Mr. underage sex cool Cohen's little petite underage hands on the underage sex picture waistband of my Speedos and within seconds he'd pulled them down and off. "Christ boy, they're soaked in precum; you must be really sexed up." I giggled into Jomo's sweet mouth. Then ukrainian underage porn I moaned, Mr. preeteens underage Cohen had knelt behind me and parted my arse cheeks and begun to run his tongue up and down my sweaty, hairless crack. Within seconds he'd pushed two fingers straight up my boyhole causing me to groan loudly with pleasure. I felt frustrated when he pulled them out after a couple of minutes of finger fucking. "You and Ramon were right his hole is very accommodating, lets get into a better position, we haven't got that much time." As Jomo and I reluctantly parted I looked Mr. Cohen up and down. 6ft tall his body looked firm apart from a small paunch, apart from his tanned forearms, hands and face he was almost as pale as I was. He was the hairiest man I'd ever seen, virgin pussy underage his body was covered from head to foot with pepper and salt hair, front and back. He had a thicker, cut, cock than mine that underaged schoolgirls eventually grew to 8 inches, but now about 6 inches hung down hot underaged models from a mass of youg underaged girls pubic hair. Behind his growing torpedo shaped cock I could see his big balls in a long, hairy ball underage gays pics bag. "You were right again, he is too small to fit properly on the examination table for the pair of us to use him together; we'll have to use the benches." As titties underage they carried the 2 benches to the centre of the room my sexual tension was heightened by the way they were underagelickingdolls ignoring me and talking underage girl lotita about me as if I was just a sex object. I peeled my long foreskin back and amused myself by fingering my precum asia underage teens up and eating it. When the 2 benches were side by side Jomo covered underage porno site them with a padded, shiny black gym mat. Mr. Cohen turned to me and gave me an underage swedish pussy order: "Get on the engaged underage mat on all fours boy with your legs as wide apart as you can comfortably get them." Letting go of my stiff cock I did as I was told. My mouth had underage erotica pics gone dry and my heartbeat was quickening with the realisation that the sex games were secret underage gallery about to begin. When I was in position Mr. Cohen approached my head and straddled the benches which put his groin level with my face; hefting his cock he pointed it at my mouth. "Now get me hard boy so that I can fuck your little boy's bum-hole." I opened my mouth and leaned forwards, taking his knob into my mouth. I lovingly ran my tongue around it and sucked, but I didn't get any precum. He pushed his hips slowly forwards until his knob hit the opening to my throat. "Can you swallow it boy?" he coaxed. Although his knob at its thickest part underage jap girlsnude was no wider than the rest of his cock once I had half an inch down my throat I gagged. I tried three times to no avail. Mr. Cohen pulled back until about three inches of knob and shaft stayed in my mouth. He ruffled my hair and said in a kind voice: "No matter boy, just get me hard." While all this was going on Jomo was finger fucking me with three fingers, so when I stopped trying to swallow Mr. Cohen's cock I started moaning from the pleasure Jomo's fingers were giving me. I was a little uncomfortable so I reached out and grabbed onto and then around Mr. Cohen's hairy thighs which were surprisingly firm. His cock was now at its full 8 inch length, and definitely stiffer but not truly hard, spongy-hard is the only way I can describe it. beautiful underage girls He squeezed the base and produced a couple of drops of precum which tasted stronger than any I'd had before, but I liked the taste and wondered what his spunk would taste like. I jumped as Jomo introduced a fourth finger into my bum channel, he wasn't really finger fucking me now, he was twisting and turning his fingers stretching my sphincter. I carried on licking and sucking Mr. Cohen's cock and was rewarded with a few more drops of precum; then Jomo spoke. "I think his hole is ready now Sir." Without a word Mr. Cohen pulled his cock from my mouth and went behind me and I felt Jomo's fingers pull out of my boy hole. I felt something in my mouth and spat out several of Mr. Cohen's wiry pubic hairs, I had to remove one from between my teeth with a fingernail. "Let him get used to my cock up his bum Jomo, and then you can face fuck him." At legal underage nude that underage kiddie pics he grasped my hips, placed his knob against my pucker, and african underage girls pushed. I gasped as his knob broke past my sphincter, then, thankfully he stopped, and I concentrated on relaxing my sphincter. Being fucked by his thick cock was a lot different to being fucked by Ramon's smaller cock, or fucking myself with my toys for that underage teen free matter. Two seconds later he pushed forwards again and my breath left underage pedo hardcore my body as he continued his assault on my boy-hole, not stopping until I could feel his wiry pubes scratching my hairless arse cheeks. Mr. Cohen didn't move once his cock was buried underage paysites bbs all the way inside me; he underage boys erections was letting me get used to the size and feel of it. I'd broken underage porn thumbnails out in a hot flush and my pulse underage video angels was racing, but I loved the feel of his long thick cock inside me. Guessing that they liked it when I didn't underage bbs talk, I tentatively squeezed my sphincter around his spongy shaft, he got the message. "O.K. Jomo, you can face-fuck him now; he's just let me know he's ready for me to fuck colombia underage prostitutes him." End of part 7. If you have any constructive criticism, or anything you wish to share with me, contact me at _INSILVA92aol.com_ ( Love Paul. Copyright 2006
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